J&B Firearm Sales, Inc. is happy to assist you with both out of state and private party transfers. We do not accept out of state transfers from private parties. All private party transfers that are not in person will require an FFL on the seller’s end. We will only transfer firearms to the recipient that is listed on the invoice or receipt.

Our fee structure is $35 for the first firearm and $5 for additional firearms up to two, on the same background check. The fourth firearm will restart the fee structure at $35. All transfers are subject to the state $10 background check fee, but we can run multiple firearms on the same background check form.

NFA transfers are $75 per item. Please note that incoming NFA transfers can take up to a month before we can start on Form 4s.

Please ensure that your driver’s license, or ID card, is current, up to date, and legible. In combination with your DL or ID card , we accept Federal or State issued mail for address verification. For law enforcement officers, we accept hunting and fishing licenses and department letter with letterhead. For military members, we will need to see a copy of your orders.

Please have your FFL email us a copy of their license prior to shipping or in the box with the firearm.

Due to a high volume of incoming transfers, we ask customers to pick up their firearms in a timely manner. If an item(s) needs to be stored an extended an amount of time, please contact us before purchasing or before the Dealer sends your firearm. Otherwise, items may be subject to storage fees or returned to the Dealer it was purchased from.

Outgoing transfers are $35 for Handguns and $45 for Longguns. Insured shipping cost are estimated when firearms is dropped off.

We do not ship to California.

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